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Stanley Ting,香港專欄作家、編輯、廣告撰稿人及多媒體創作人,大學時主修新聞及傳播學系(電子媒體專修)。信奉「認知論」(Epistemology),對事物時時充滿好奇心,認同事物不只一體兩面,更是一體多面。

工作以外喜歡把思緒寄付音符,組織了樂隊Bucket List;英超球隊熱刺球迷,同時關心香港足運發展,大學時著力研究過「香港足球改革」-鳳凰計劃,並拍成紀綠片。作為現代多媒體工作者,文字、影像並修,兩者於他的意義不只純粹紀錄,並有呈現藝術、哲學和引發社會自省的功能。

作品散見《信報》、網上生活雜誌《Hokk Fabrica》、台灣《蘋果日報》足球評論版和雜誌《足球王者》等等。


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Born, raised and based in Hong Kong, Stanley is a columnist, editor, advertorial writer and multimedia creator. He earned his bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication with a major in electronic media. Strongly influenced by epistemology, he is a person full of curiosity. He believes that there are not only two sides to things, but many other different facets. 

In his leisure time, he expresses himself through music and formed the band – “Bucket List”. A big fan of Tottenham Hotspur, he is also concerned about football development in Hong Kong. During his undergraduate years, he researched and produced a documentary on the local reform initiative “Project Phoenix”. 

As a multimedia specialist, he is familiar with words, images as well as videos. To him, the three means of communication are not just for documentation. They serve larger purposes in art and philosophy, enabling members of society to introspect.

This blog features some of his previous work published on the Hong Kong Economic Journal, digital lifestyle magazine Hokk Fabrica, Taiwanese newspaper Apple Daily (football section) and Taiwanese football magazine Soccer-One.

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